This is a 30 second promo I made for the web-based company Cliiq, produced by animation studio Superdoodle.

I had quite a lot of creative freedom with this project - my main concept was fun characters and locations that hide and reveal the Cliiq logo in many colourful forms until the very end when we see the logo in it's truest form (black and white). The company specified a number of themes they would like me to include, skateboards, BMX bikes, punk, guitars, MTV idents, pulp imagery, sci-fi and to also use some of the photograpy from their website. I had a lot of fun trying to piece together this eclectic mix.

Click through a selection of images below to see some of my original collages when I was testing out ideas.

The promo is mainly cut out animation, shot under camera at an Aardman studio, with some 2d elements animated over the top.

Have a look at this behind the scenes video below, to see the project in action.