Pee Power 

A short film I directed at Aardman for the University of the West of England and the Bristol BioEnergy Centre explaining how their product, a Microbial Fuel Cell can directly convert organic waste into electricity.

The film was showcased at the Gates Foundation Toilet Expo in Beijing, in November 2018.

Click on the image below to watch the animation.


Bill Gates writes about how this project got started "I became interested in sanitation about a decade ago when I stopped working full time at Microsoft, and Melinda and I began traveling more frequently to poor countries. We visited communities where children were playing in lanes filled with human waste, where pit latrines were emptied by hand, where the stench of community toilets was so bad that people didn’t want to use them, and where families drank water contaminated with human waste.

This was a dimension of poverty we hadn’t seen before, and it motivated us to try to do something about it. It wasn’t just the degradation and suffering that people face every day doing something that’s essential and natural for all human beings. It was also because so much of what Melinda and I seek to achieve in saving and improving lives can’t be accomplished unless people everywhere have safe sanitation." To read the rest of the article, click here.