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What’s your flavour?

Animation I created for the Drawing Books Studios exhibition ‘Common Sense’ (2nd of May 2014).

“Dancing is something that excites all my senses at once! As sponsored by the Mexican food company Zambrero, I created three characters inspired by Mexican ingredients, a bean, a lime and a chilli pepper. I gave them all dances to represent how they make me feel when I taste them. The hat initiates the dance and they share the hat with each other in reference to Zambrero’s Plate 4 Plate scheme in which the company donates a meal to staving children in developing countries with every burrito or bowl of food purchased. ”

Laura Coates designed the sound.

Click on the picture to watch these little dudes dance.



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Nina Needs To Go

Nina Needs To Go is a pre-school children's television series created and made by ArthurCox for Disney Junior.  Ten episodes were commissioned for the first series and I was the Animation Director on the production.

Please click on the picture below to watch a clip from the Beach episode.




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Dara O’Briains BBC Science Club


12foot6 made six brilliant animations, one for each episode of Dara O’Briains Science Club (shown on BBC Two at the end of 2012).  I was thrilled to be a part of the team who brought Asa Lucander's characters to life!


This is just one of them, from the Music episode with music and sound composed/designed by Laura Coates.  Click 'here' to watch more where this came from!

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Commercial created by ArthurCox and Aardman for Lysoform (Italy).  I animated the characters traditionally using paper and pen to replicate the style of drawings made by children.

Please click on the picture below to watch the commercial.






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I made a film with 12foot6 in 2010 for a series of short films called Get Well Soon.  It was screened on Channel 4 as part of the Random Acts series.


The main voice to this one is a very funny man called Graham.  He has some great sex injury stories too.  I also was a voice in the all the other short films (made by different directors) as I was the interviewer.


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Tea Total


As well as the short film, I created a set of illustrations ... drawings on blank pages from old books.


I was also asked to exhibit these in a Twinnings exhibition in Richmond in 2005.


British Tea Drinkers



Tea Ladies