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The Trees by Philip Larkin


Commissioned by BBC Culture, I created this short animated film of The Trees poem by Philip Larkin to commemorate thirty years after his death. (The film took two weeks to make from commission to delivery.)

Click on the illustration below to watch the film.


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From Potato To Planet

From Potato To Planet is the film I made at Aardman Animations for the Soil Association. The aim is to help people better understand that the soil is really import for so many reasons. When we support organic produce, we are helping to support good healthy soil.

Click on the picture below to watch the film.

Soil Association


Click on the picture of soil below to go to the Soil Association.

Soil Chemicals


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I was approached by George Sander-Jackson to direct and animate a filmed about post-natal depression. We interviewed a young lady called Katie and edited her story down to a 3:20 minute short film. Five films were made by five different directors, all with the aim to explain PND and how it effects parents lives. And to help remove any stigma attached to the illness. We want to help encourage medical professionals to address their current approach to people with PND and make sure that the right care is out there for parents.

These films will soon feature on the NHS Choice website. I can't link to the film until they have been published online, so here is a clip from my film 'Katie's Story'.

This series of films have been nominated for a British Animation Award 2016.


Design/Direction: Lucy Izzard

Project Coordinator: George Sander-Jackson

Production Company : Mosaic Films

Animation: Andy Fossey, Mara Fradella, Robyn Liebschner and Lucy Izzard

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Futuristic family

Character design for Aardman to create a futuristic family.



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My Little Monster

My Little Monster

Illustration created for a Drawing Book exhibition, Sydney 04.06.13

Inspired by my little monster, my puppy Archie, the characters are representations of his different personality traits.



Behind the illustration, a 'making of' video.


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Character design


Three characters designed for the Coca-cola owned Goulburn Valley, for their new drink Quencher.

Quencher characters


It was a major campaign in Australia, online, print and television.  I animated the 2d drawings from the television commercials.








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Owl loves cake

Not The Fat Owl


Not the fat owl.


A series of card designs based on a little owl who world revolves around his love for cake.


More to follow ... watch this space!


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colourful language





This is my piece for an exhibition in Sydney called 'Colourful Language'.


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This was the final illustration for ING using their colour scheme.


My original pencils.


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Jigsaw Puzzle




My dad loves a good jigsaw puzzle at christmas so one year I made him his very own.   (There are little family jokes hidden within it.)