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In 2016 we were asked by the creative agency TMBR to create a series of three animated films for Climb Wyoming, a non-profit organisation who help low-income single mothers to discover self-sufficiency through career training and placement.

This is the first of the three, called 'Groups'. Click on the illustration below to watch it!










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I was approached by George Sander-Jackson to direct and animate a filmed about post-natal depression. We interviewed a young lady called Katie and edited her story down to a 3:20 minute short film. Five films were made by five different directors, all with the aim to explain PND and how it effects parents lives. And to help remove any stigma attached to the illness. We want to help encourage medical professionals to address their current approach to people with PND and make sure that the right care is out there for parents.

These films will soon feature on the NHS Choice website. I can't link to the film until they have been published online, so here is a clip from my film 'Katie's Story'.

This series of films have been nominated for a British Animation Award 2016.


Design/Direction: Lucy Izzard

Project Coordinator: George Sander-Jackson

Production Company : Mosaic Films

Animation: Andy Fossey, Mara Fradella, Robyn Liebschner and Lucy Izzard

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NSPCC Princess And The Bear

Made with Aardman for the NSPCC we created a short film called 'The Princess And The Bear". I directed the film and designed the characters, and animated with Asa Lucander. Jon Biggins was the compositor and Laura Izzard made the sound and music.

We created a film to show how therapists at the NSPCC use 'play therapy' to help a child overcome the pain that sexual abuse has left them with.

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Creating Movie Magic

In July this year, Aardman asked me to direct a short animation for a competition hosted by the film and education charity Into Film, the IPO and the Industry Trust for IP Awareness. It was a competition for children to design a storyboard to inspire other young people to respect creative content and watch films through legal means. The project was called Creating Movie Magic and it was in partnership with Aardman Animations. There were loads of brilliant entries all with different creative ways to talk about respecting film copyright but we could only choose one winning storyboard and the one that made us laugh and was most 'on point' was 13-year-old Hannah Mason's. So we made it into an animated short film and tried to keep it as close to her original storyboard as possible, with a zombie and a fairy and little details like the main character's giant shoes.

There was a small team of us who made it happen. I designed the characters and directed, Henry St Leger did backgrounds, Jo Hepworth animated in Flash, Spencer Cross composited in After Effects, Louise Johnson produced, Laura Izzard wrote the music and tracklayed the sound effects and it was mixed by Andrew Wilson.


CMM Diasy Zombie



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Pure Imagination is the looping animation I've created in Flash for September's (2014) LoopdeLoop animation challenge. The theme was Childhood. It won the overall Grand Prize at the Nickelodeon finale in L.A! Hooray!

The super sound which brings the whole thing to life was designed by Laura Izzard (aka Laura Coates).



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Futuristic family

Character design for Aardman to create a futuristic family.



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What’s your flavour?

Animation I created for the Drawing Books Studios exhibition ‘Common Sense’ (2nd of May 2014).

“Dancing is something that excites all my senses at once! As sponsored by the Mexican food company Zambrero, I created three characters inspired by Mexican ingredients, a bean, a lime and a chilli pepper. I gave them all dances to represent how they make me feel when I taste them. The hat initiates the dance and they share the hat with each other in reference to Zambrero’s Plate 4 Plate scheme in which the company donates a meal to staving children in developing countries with every burrito or bowl of food purchased. ”

Laura Coates designed the sound.

Click on the picture to watch these little dudes dance.